Age of Empires 2 HD Wrapper update!

I received 2 emails about the game Age of Empires 2 HD, where it seems a recent update broke the game in Porting Kit (Thanks for letting me know) the game worked still fine in Crossover. I could reproduce the issue on my machine as well, so I updated the Wrapper and fixed the problem. Now everyone can enjoy this amazing game again! Make sure you trash the old wrapper and re-install the game using the Server tab database after refresh in Porting Kit. Have fun!

- Fixed start-up issue of Age of Empires 2 HD in Steam.

If you never played the game before, go to game page up here...



  1. Hi Paul and everybody,

    I still cant launch the game, wont work, no errors. tried to launch the AoK HD.exe in the local wine-files. Error: SteamAPI_restartappIfNecessary(). Ive tried launch options “-nostartup” and “SKIPINTTO”, also deleted intro video files in: common_ / movies

    Not sure if i updated the wrapper / steam / aoe / wine correctly… how do i do that?

    Thanks a lot

  2. Hi!

    No, Trash the old wrapper and reinstall the new one, this has an updated engine. Download and install the fame in steam again after updated. This should work out of the box. No adjustments required.

  3. Hello Paul,

    I have a question. Do you have any idea how to convert the new expansion “Rise of Rajas” from AOE 2 HD? Because I bought the game on my other computer with windows but I would like to know if there is a way to have it on mac.. I tried to use Wine but it don’t work.

    Thanks you

  4. You used portingkit already? Because the other expansions seem to work as well in PK, Don’t know about the new one…

    • Yes I know Portingkit. I can try again and see if it’s work correctly.

  5. Thanks a lot!
    How and where do I install the new wrapper?

  6. Using portingkit, trash the old one and install teh new one under –> library –> server tab

  7. Thanks, works perfectly!