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2k Games up to 75% off weekend sale!

2k Games up to 75% off weekend sale!

This weekend we have an awesome weekend sale on for 2k games! Why? Because 2k Games simply is producer of awesome games! None of them on are native Mac, but fortunately I ported most of them :D

Which games you say? Lots of them! Games like: The Sid Meier's series! Sid Meier's Civilization III Complete, Sid Meier's Railroads, and Railroad Tycoon 2 and Railroad Tycoon 3! Or action games like: Freedom Force and Freedom Force - Third Reich. But there are more: Civcity Rome and Army Men 2 and Army Men - Toys in Space. If that is not enough the X-com games are ported as well: X-com UFO Defense, X-Com Terror from the Deep  and X-com Apocalypse!

Simply get the games on cheap and download the setup files and install the games using Porting Kit and/or Crossover!

Check out the whole sale up here...

Weekend sale + Giveaway: From Wishlists, With Love + 90% off sale on!

Weekend sale + Giveaway: From Wishlists, With Love + 90% off sale on! and has an awesome contributor They most importantly contribute to the project by providing games for me to test, and using their affiliate program, they support me a bit financially as well! Because we have good ties, they have an awesome action/contest Paul The Tall – Giveaway: From Wishlists, With Love, where you can win 10 game keys for the game This War of Mine. The Contest last for 6 days!!

The only think you have to do is go to the contest page and do is to unlock the 3 entries to make a chance for the free This War of Mine game keys!

When you simply want to the promo page with almost 70 games up to 90% off, go here... 

Age of Empires 2 HD 70% off!

Age of Empires 2 HD 70% off!

Here a quick heads up for Age of Empires 2 HD which is at the moment 70% off on! Age of Empires 2 HD, shines in the top 5 most downloaded game ports of and in Crossover. Besides this amazing deal, the C&C Ultimate Collection is also still 60% off! This collection contains the total C&C series (17 games) from the first C&C game up to C&C 4 for only $7,19! In that collection is Red Alert 2 which is ranked on the 4th place of most popular games on the Porting Kit app!

So, if you love these games as many others do, get this game cheap now you still can and go to!

Deus Ex 24 hour 75% off deal on Gamersgate!

I saw this deal on Gamersgate and I couldn't keep this one from you guys. Especially because I ported Deus Ex: The Fall 2 days back  and is now only 2,50! :) And this counts as well for Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War. Also the Mac version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is 75% off and only 4,50! All in all, it is possible now to play all 4 Deus Ex games on your Mac with 75% of!! Take that change now I would say because after 24 hours this deal ends.

Check the deal out up here... (If you only see "Human Revolution", then change platform filter to "all platforms" to see the other 3 titles as well)

gamersgate sale new

Gamersgate Spring sale 75%-80% off!!

Gamersgate has not been in the spotlight for a while, but will be given some more attention the coming time. Gamersgate is let we not forgot responsible for 60% of the games, and I tested the Gamersgate version as well. Now they have the Spring Sale going on which measn 75%-80% off for loads of games (52 pages!!)! I went through about 20 of them and I only picked out a couple of popular ones to prevent making a massive post of only game names. For example: Cities XL Platinum, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Death to Spies Gold Edition, and simulators like: Sub Command or Dangerous Waters. All games for which I have a Wrapper/Crosstie available for.

Yes, there are also loads and loads of Mac games with the same discounts! Games like Jurassic Park: The Game, Stronghold 3 Gold, Spec Ops: The Line, or adventures like Tales of Monkey Island Complete Season or Back to the Future The Game, all native Mac games with a massive discount of 75%!! And those are just a couple!

So check out the whole sale and get them cheap now up here...

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The Red Carpet Sale on Gamersgate!

Since today the Red Carpet Sale has been started on Gamersgate! With massive sales up to 90% off! Check their daily sales with their 75% off offers of great titles! With 22 pages of sales there surely will be something in your taste. From native Mac games to Windows games for which I have a CrossTie and or Wrapper available. Don't hesitate to take a look into great list of these awesome sales! Take note, this amazing sale only last until 3 March, and be sure to check out the sales daily so you won't miss out the special 75% off daily deals!

Go to the sales page up here... to find your favorite games with the highest discounts!


Massive Christmas Sales on Gamersgate!

Massive Christmas Sales on Gamersgate!

It is December and Christmas sales are everywhere! This also counts for Gamersgate! At the moment there are 471 games on sale and with massive discounts up to 85% off! So If you are looking for some cheap Mac games or ported Windows games, then now is your change!

Some of the Mac Games with 75% off at the moment: Spec Ops: The line, The Darkness 2, Penubra Collection, Unity of Command Pack, Q.U.B.E., and many more!

Check out all sales up Here...