Forum Change will be implanted

As you have might figured out, the forums has been a victim of massive spam attacks no matter how I secure the the whole thing, they keep coming! So because this banning and deleting and stuff takes much time and while I am migrating the game pages to Crossover anyway I will change strategy in this part as well. I will create links on the game pages migrated to Crossover, to the specific game forum on Crossover. take for example: Enemy Engaged: Comache vs Hokum, you will notice in the "aditional port infomation" the new line "technical support" with a link to the specific Crossover game forum. This week I will try to do this on all 105 migrated game pages I created thus far. In the end, when all game port pages (about 600, native Mac games are not included in that number) are migrated to Crossover, the forum will be closed.

What about Wineskin wrapper and other non Crossover questions? in those cases you can use the email adres mentioned on the contact page. I will try to answer those emails as soon as I can. Thanks in advance for the understanding.

  1. Great to hear that you have found a way to solve this irritating problem, I only have a Question what will happend with those who are VIP, how will they get help and things like that?

    Greetings Rowns.

  2. They can mail me as well and mention they are VIP I can check it with the emailadres. There are not “that much” VIP’s I will change the VIP settings soon as well. There will be only one VIP status (No gold silver bronze anymore) for €10,-. But no worries. Soon there will be some new features as well. Login possibilities for everyone :) With some special sections for VIP users ;) So no worries, I won’t keep you VIP guys in the cold ;)

    • And another question, soon people will need to go the codeweaver forum, search that game and post their problem there, does this mean that you have to check every game forum or will you just help some, and that other people like those who make crosstie or are advocates, will help you to with solving problems? Hope you know what i mean :)